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Aluminium Fence Slats Aluminum Strips Aluminium Bean and Aluminium Channel

Aluminum profiles made channels and beans are light in weight

 Aluminium Fence Slats Aluminum Strips Aluminium Bean and Aluminium Channel

aluminum beans and aluminum slats are light in weight

aluminium channel profile are half weight of the traditional iron truss, for this reason aluminum extrusions can save a lot of cost and effort for the construction and transportation industry .

 Aluminum has excellent corrosion resistance and durability

Compared with the iron truss, aluminum profile made beans and chanel have excellent corrosion resistance.

aluminum fence has excellent compressive strength. Generally, average load of Aluminum channel can reach more than 600kg.

Anodized aluminum channel profiles

Anodized aluminium bean profiless

Aluminum corner profile

Powder coated aluminum beam profiles.

Powder coated rectangular aluminum tubes

Pailian Aluminium is focused on aluminium fence slats aluminum strips aluminium bean and aluminium channel, which is equipped with a professional factory. With the aid of experienced staff and advanced equipment, we can assure you the high quality, high precision and excellent design of our products. Come and get the cheap products made in China.

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