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Aluminum Profile System

Aluminum Profile System

Aluminum Profile System, named industrial aluminum extrusion materials, industrial aluminum alloy profiles, industrial aluminum profiles are aluminum alloy-based alloy materials, aluminum rods are hot-melted, extruded to obtain aluminum materials of different cross-section shapes, but The...

Aluminum Profile System,  named industrial aluminum extrusion materials, industrial aluminum alloy profiles. Industrial aluminum profiles are aluminum alloy-based alloy materials. Aluminum rods are hot-melted. Extruded to obtain aluminum materials of different cross-section shapes, but the proportion of alloys added is different.  And the mechanical properties and application fields of the produced industrial aluminum profiles are also different. Generally speaking, industrial aluminum profiles refer to all aluminum profiles except building doors and windows, curtain walls, interior and exterior decoration and aluminum profiles for building structures.

Aluminum Profile System Character:

1.High hardness, hard aluminum series.
2.Fair corrosion resistance. Heat treatable
3.Good workability and Good appearance

Basic Information:

1. MaterialAluminium alloy; 6063, 6061, 6005, T5, T6, 
2. Section ShapesI, U, T, C, Z, L, H, square, round, flat, hollow, t-slot and other complicated shapes by custom design.
3. Surface treatingMill/Anodized(oxidation)/Powder coating
4. Application1) - for Solar panel frames, Solar mounting / roofing brackets
2) - for Industry assembly lines equipment.
3) - for Heatsinks
4) - for LED lighting
5)- other by custom design size and dimension
5. Production lines1) 22 sets extruding production lines(from 600tons to 2500tons and meet different customer's demands)
2) 10 sets anodizing production lines
3) 2 sets powder coating production lines
4) 1 set wooden grain production lines
5) 4 sets precision cutting machines
6) 5 sets cnc machines
7) 5 sets tapping machines and 3 sets milling machines
6. Characteristic Services1). OEM Service.
2). Design according to the customers' requirements.
3). more 10 years' professional experience in research, manufacturing
4). Our modern deep processing center can provide machining such as Cutting, punching, drilling, etc.
7. Quality ControlWe operate the most strict quality control system, the detection is from the material, production process, to final product, and ensure the product quality and traceability.
8.ProcessDie design→Die making→Smelting&alloying→QC→Extruding→Cutting→Heat Treatment→QC→Surface treatment→QC→Welding→Packing→QC→Shipping→After Sale Service
10.PaymentT/T: 30% for deposit, the balance will be paid before shipment
11.Packaging Detail:Inside : individual wrapped by ep film.
Outside: packed by plastic bag, or cartons, wooden boxes. We also could pack goods as your request.
12.Lead TimeDie Developing and Sample testing: 7-10 working days .

Why to choose us:

1, Locates at Nanhai district, Foshan City. Closed to Guangzhou City.

2,  It is a modern company and a collection of R & D, production and sales of aluminium and also its deep processing products. 

3, China's leading manufacturer with above 22 years experience

4.High quality and reasonable price.

FAQ : 

1.How do you charge the mold fee?

Incase we need to open new mold for your ordered profiles , the mould fee will be refounded to customers when your order quantity reaches a certain amount.

2.How do you quote price per ton or per meter?

 We provide more than two pricing modes

 3.What is the differences between theoretical weight and actual weight?

 Actual weight is the  actual weight including packaging

 Theoretical weight is identified according to the drawing,calculated by of the weight of each meter multiplied by the length of profile.

 4.How long it will take you to make samples?

 About 10-15 days after confirming your new mould fee. 

More details, pls feel free to contact us.

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