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crystal electrophresis aluminium profile
Nov 24, 2016

Crystal Electrophresis Is A Newly Developed Aluminum Surface Treatment For Aluminium Profile. It is the upgrading of traditional powder coating and electrophoresis aluminum profile. 

It has been awarded the national patent water-based paint for aluminum surface coating, making this new type of aluminum Wood products with rich colors, excellent fullness, outstanding gloss, excellent adhesion and weatherability advantages. At the same time the crystal electrophresis aluminum profile 

is the environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

 Crystal electrophresis profile is widely used for the production of indoor sliding door, cabinets, closet, hanging cabinet, high-grade office space and hotels, hotels heavy doors.

 Product characteristics of crystal electrophresis profile: excellent weather resistance, excellent stability and durability, excellent consistency of the quality, colorful, safe and harmless to the human body, environment-friendly.

 Relative to the traditional surface treatment of aluminum, crystal electrophresis aluminium extrusions prices are relatively high.