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Fluorocarbon Coating Powder Coated And Wood Grain Aluminium Extrusion Profile Impact Resistance To Aging, Wear, Fire
Nov 02, 2017

Fluorocarbon Coating Powder Coated and Wood Grain Aluminium Extrusion Profile surface treatment, the transfer film on the warm pattern of the use of heat transfer to aluminum or steel powder coating surface, in order to achieve the decorative effect of wood or stone, because of its good corrosion resistance, The impact of anti-aging, wear, fire, outdoor use can keep 15 years does not change color, but also has a light weight, high strength, excellent physical and chemical properties, clear and realistic patterns, realistic real effects, make it widely used in doors and windows, furniture , Indoor and outdoor decoration, building materials and other industries, is an international emerging material surface treatment technology.

Thermal transfer equipment for the decoration of aluminum, all kinds of metal sheet and profiles to make them to achieve the effect of wood or marble,Fluorocarbon Coating Powder Coated and Wood Grain Aluminium Extrusion Profile  thermal transfer equipment is based on the principle of thermal sublimation, it can 3-5 minutes The required grain or marble pattern is quickly printed on the surface of the aluminum powder coating and can penetrate 40-60 microns inside the coating.

Aluminum thermal transfer production process is as follows

1. With the film machine will be heat transfer film roll (purchased from the thermal transfer film is 1000 meters a roll) cut into the required size;

2. Transfer the transfer film with the transfer;

3. In the packaging platform will be inserted into the transfer film made of the workpiece wrapped bag;

4. will be wrapped in the transfer film on the workpiece on the thermal transfer machine platform, followed by 18 can be made of aluminum, the aluminum ends connected to the vacuum head and pin, open the vacuum switch, then transfer film tight Tightly attached to the aluminum,Fluorocarbon Coating Powder Coated and Wood Grain Aluminium Extrusion Profile  the car will automatically send aluminum to the barbecue pits, barbecue oven heating up to 220 degrees and heat for 3 minutes, the car automatically quit the barbecue pits;

5. Release the vacuum taps and remove the workpiece;

6. Remove the transfer film and check the workpiece quality.

How to maintain and maintain aluminum alloy materials

Aluminum products, with high strength, light weight, strong corrosion resistance, novel structure, easy assembly, timber savings, durable features, clams are unreasonable maintenance, installation and maintenance will also affect the appearance of aluminum products, Surface color. Therefore, there should be proper maintenance and maintenance methods.

1, aluminum in the handling process, must be gently,Fluorocarbon Coating Powder Coated and Wood Grain Aluminium Extrusion Profile  to prevent bumps caused by surface bumps, affecting the surface beautiful;

2, aluminum in the transport process, must be covered with a sheet of cloth, to prevent rain, snow intrusion;

3, aluminum storage environment should be dry, bright, well ventilated, no corrosive climate, and should be strict weather, water, snow intrusion;

4, aluminum in the storage, the bottom must be separated from the ground with a pad wood, to maintain the distance with the ground is greater than 10CM;

5, aluminum in the storage, is strictly prohibited with chemical materials and moisture materials stored together;

6, aluminum in the installation process, the surface must first paste waterproof tape, contact with the wall of the box material, must ensure that the surface of the oxide film and paint film is not destroyed, while the selection of qualified cement, sand;

7, processed into doors, windows, regularly with clean cloth and neutral detergent to clean the surface of aluminum.