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How To Maintain Thermal Break Aluminum Doors And Windows Profile?
Jan 10, 2018

How to maintain thermal break aluminum doors and windows profile?

1, Thermal break aluminum doors and windows can not be cleaned with ordinary soap and detergent, even though use decontamination powder, toilet cleaning and other strong acid and alkali cleaners. Available with a soft cloth stick water or neutral detergent wipe.

2, Sealing tops and glass plastic is to ensure that the thermal break aluminum doors and windows sealed, insulation and waterproof the key, if off to promptly repair, replacement.

3, Clean the thermal break aluminum doors and windows, do not step on the aluminum frame, can not pull the frame for support.

4, After the rainy day, should be promptly wiped glass and raindrops, special attention to chute water. Chute with a long, increased friction, add a little oil or coated with a layer of fire wax oil.

5,  Oftently check the thermal break aluminum doors and windows with the wall at the junction,  if easy to make the overall deformation of the frame, the doors and windows can not be closed, sealed. At this time, the screw loose joints should be immediately tightened, such as screw foot loose, the application of epoxy glue a small amount of cement cement seal.

6, Thermal break aluminum doors and windows in use, should be light to gently pull, push and pull along its natural; found that there are difficulties not to force, should first rule out the fault. Fouling, deformation is the main reason for the difficulty of sliding aluminum doors and windows, to keep the door frame clean, especially the sliding slot cleaning. Can be sucked vacuum cleaner slot and the door seal the top of the ash.

7, Always check tighten bolts, positioning shaft, wind support, to the spring, timely replacement of damaged parts, aluminum alloy doors and windows of the vulnerable parts. Regularly add lubricants to keep clean and flexible.

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