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Industrial Aluminium Profile To Achieve The Effect Of Saving Water
Jul 12, 2017

Industrial Aluminium Profile cleaning method is widely used, because the equipment structure is complex, technical requirements are high, in order to ensure the best pre-treatment, it is necessary to follow the following aspects to proceed.

Industrial Aluminium Profile spray cleaning technology

First: it is necessary to strengthen technical management.

Strict implementation of the operation process. Every day there must be a professional check the operation of the situation, often check the parameters of indicators are consistent. Prohibit the workpiece placed in the cleaning equipment, to avoid corrosion rust.

Second: control the amount of foam.

In the process of Industrial Aluminium Profile cleaning, the occurrence or eradication of the foam is important to the pretreatment technology, and a certain amount of foam is helpful for certain processing techniques. Common defoaming methods are: add defoamers; use low foaming surfactant; control temperature; try to reduce the mixing of air and so on. But the quality of Industrial Aluminium Profile cleaner is not only depends on the amount of foam, but in the Industrial Aluminium Profile spray cleaning, the requirements of the detergent is low foam, or mass production can not be normal.

Third: pay attention to the quality of washing.

Industrial Aluminium Profile in the degreasing of the technical process, the surface with residual liquid, if not clean, will seriously affect product quality. It is therefore necessary to remove the residual liquid from the surface of the workpiece and remove it as water. In the production process of industrial profiles, in order to further save water, washing water is usually recycled, so the washing will be gradually contaminated by cleaning agents. Aluminum in order to reduce the degree of pollution, the primary should be to reduce the Industrial Aluminium Profile entrainment cleaning fluid pollution under the road process. Other should consider multi-level washing, usually two water washing, and some technical treatment or pure water wash. After the first level of water washing the maximum pollution does not exceed one-tenth of the previous clean workpieces, so that the secondary cleaning of the residual liquid concentration is only one percent of the original concentration. In the increase of water washing, the use of countercurrent to make up to achieve the effect of saving water.

In the inspection of Industrial Aluminium Profile, it should follow the following steps to complete:

1. Measure the size of the product according to the tolerances required by the drawings and fill in the relevant inspection records.

2. The length of the material should be carried out in accordance with the schedule, the goods inspector in the specified time to do the bubble test and notify the scene, to provide the necessary inspection and inspection of the site.

3. The product of the material temperature and squeeze the process to correspond to the product of the product card to do a good job.

In the detection of Industrial Aluminium Profile when the need to pay attention to the relevant issues are:

1. If the customer needs special inspection requirements of the items, the quality assurance staff should promptly notify the scene, to provide the corresponding inspection and inspection.

2. Each product in the production of good need to affix the logo mold number, the mold of the product needs to be specifically tested.

3. Servees themselves to understand the process after the process of the situation, in the potential problems to make a specific report.

The relevant inspection requirements for Industrial Aluminium Profile profiles not only ensure the quality of the product, but also help to improve the production process of some of the shortcomings, so that aluminum can be manufactured better.