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Kuang Wenfeng, General Manager Of Guangdong Zhonglian Aluminum Co., Ltd. And President Of Dali Chamber Of Commerce
Oct 29, 2018

Handsome with light: Impression of Kuang Wenfeng, General Manager of Guangdong Zhonglian Aluminum Co., Ltd. and President of Dali Chamber of Commerce


the CEO of Zhonglian aluminum profile 

In January 2018, Foshan Nanhai Dabitumen Annual Chamber of Commerce held the third general meeting, Guangdong Zhonglian Aluminum Co., Ltd. General Manager Kuang Wenfeng voted to be elected the new president.

Under the control of inertial thinking, my subconscious impression: the new president is a traditional enterprise to hundreds of millions of production and sales, management and leadership of more than 600 employees of the general manager, that should be a sophisticated entrepreneur image. However, when I met the general manager of Kuang Wenfeng, who was born in 1988, I saw a bright, handsome, shiny boy next door.

He skillfully smiled at the kung fu tea and asked everyone to take a seat. The interview was carried out in the light chat.

As a "Genesis II generation", he should be a "self-halo" group, but understand his growth process, should be described with "self-glory" more appropriate.

What distinguishes Xiao Kuang from most "Generation II" generations is that he dares to start from scratch, start from the bottom and innovate beyond. Even though his family is thick, every step of his life is achieved through his own efforts to prove his personal value. After graduating from Shimen high school, he graduated from Guangdong University of Technology and majoring in business administration. Graduated in 2009, he did not go abroad to study like other well-off students, but took eight of his classmates back to his father's factory to start a grass-roots work career. At first, he learned to do sales, almost all the time in business visits to customers, travel to other provinces, acclimatized to water and soil, eating and sleeping is not a common thing, such a run for three years. In the past three years, he has been familiar with customers of large and small enterprises.


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Diligent and diligent, rain or shine do three years of sales staff, do not know the truth of the people, do not know that this is the future successor of the enterprise. Originally, he did bring a halo, in the eyes of others also saw an enviable halo, but the halo behind the perseverance and efforts, won the high praise and affirmation of the parents. In addition, in any small matter, they have their own requirements, not because of comfort and indulgence, not because of hard work to give up pursuit, conscientiously sculpt their own process, hammer by hammer self-hammering sharpening, creating a shining "Generation II" successor.

Kuang Wenfeng, the general manager of sunshine with his own brilliance, shows his good behavior and moral character as: kindness for the sake of others, self-cultivation rooted in the heart, self-awareness without warning, freedom based on restraint.


Kindness for others

Example 1: When he was in college, his roommates had classmates from remote mountainous areas. In order to help his classmates find jobs, he invited them to work in his own family business when he graduated. Starting from the first-line sales, some of the students were assigned to management positions, these students, is now assisting General Xiao Kuang to open up territory courageous and knowledgeable pioneers.

Case two: the staff canteen, most of the enterprises are either self invited or contracted to the third party. Either way, there are both advantages and disadvantages. In order to let the staff eat well, Xiao Kuang always came up with a semi contracting way. In addition, in order to ensure the nutrition of employees, the company also makes two dishes for employees free to eat, basically maintaining the standard of four meals a day.

In a spirit of subtlety, it is no wonder that the turnover of the employees of China United Aluminum Corporation is very small, and there are many cases of good general managers treating their employees as family members.

Culture rooted in the heart

No show, no clouds. His way of doing things is: silent, never show off, the heart has great beauty, but never say much, modest like the full ear of wheat, mature mentality, calm and indifferent, do not reveal the mountains. He has always stressed that his enterprise must learn more from leading enterprises, enterprise products to innovate, high-tech efforts. At present, professional and technical personnel have been sent to study the production and manufacture of special aluminum alloys, and a small number of high-value product orders. In the conversation, there is no expression of how hard they have worked to achieve today, how hard to maintain the annual production and sales of hundreds of millions of dollars on the basis of increasing. They only talked about their work steps, contents and ways of work. And again and again stressed that it was the fathers who created the enterprise, laid down the Jiangshan, now the enterprise management has been institutionalized, scientific, their own very relaxed, very happy.


 Zhonglian aluminum profile1

Zhonglian aluminum workshop

He is bright and intelligent. He is quick in action and full of words. Calm and calm, free and easy.

No need for reminders

Self-care companion: As a young father of two children, accompanying their children to grow up, accompanying their parents as a priority. Take the children up and down in person, and have family reunion on holidays. The father of the president of an enterprise feels like a teacher and a friend, but is more reverence but more cordial.

Consciously constrained spending: occasionally eating out is also a regular stall and a little wine. The biggest expense in life is traveling, and there is nothing else that needs money.

Consciously arrange time: as a corporate executive, to deal with so many things, but also accompany family members, how to arrange the time, how is the energy so abundant? He replied that learning to use fragmented time is the key to improving work efficiency. I spend all my time working and accompanying my family.

Only spare time for personal hobbies, physical exercise, playing basketball, golf, fitness and relaxation, for their own good electricity, with a full spirit into the work.


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As a golfer, he occasionally relaxes himself.

Life is very real and very skinny, but life always needs temperature and sunshine. A person with his own sunshine, from the depths of his heart gave birth to a warm and comfortable family; a person with his own light, will naturally emit a different glory. The beauty of his sunshine makes people feel that a person from the outside to the inside, there is a clean swept, there is a sense of sacred solemn ceremony. His own light, not only can he safely put himself in the complex trivial work life, but also can have a different life under the sun.

Freedom based on Constraints

Xiao Kuang said in an interview that he is now mature, has a certain foundation, what his ideas are easier to achieve. It is not difficult to understand this sentence: he has worked hard, has the resources, and has the right to speak. It seems that we can do whatever we want, but invisible constraints go hand in hand.

For the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, we will discuss the law of industry development with members of industry associations, study the high-tech content of products together with R&D team to increase the market share of products competitiveness, set up more than 20 Internet professional teams for product sales, and study the leading information of the industry at our own expense. Travel in Europe and America. This series of acts seems to be free: meeting, visiting, studying, traveling, but which of them is a goal premise.

A light of his own, quietly empty his mind, in the new environment to accept new knowledge, in calm, optimistic, fresh, tranquil growth and maturity.

Guangdong Zhonglian Aluminum Co., Ltd. under the leadership of the chairman of the board of directors and the shining general manager of Kwong Wenfeng, the company has obtained "national high-tech enterprises", "famous brand products of Guangdong Province", "famous trademarks of Guangdong Province", "ten backbone enterprises of the national aluminum alloy demonstration zone", "top 20 aluminum construction materials with aluminium screening" and so on. Honor. So far, the scope of business has covered the whole country, and has been launched in Europe, South America, Southeast Asia and other regions. The company's products have been exported to Germany, the Netherlands, Israel, Canada, Russia, Cameroon, Brazil and other countries. In order to meet the needs of different countries and regions, companies also apply for various certifications such as SGS, ISO, ROHS, TUV and so on.


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Zhonglian aluminum office building

General Secretary Xi Jinping told all delegates at the first meeting of the 13th National People's Congress: "The characteristics and endowments of the Chinese people have not only shaped the Chinese civilization that has developed for thousands of years, but also profoundly influenced the development and progress of contemporary China and the spiritual world of contemporary Chinese people." The Chinese people's great creative spirit, great struggle spirit, great unity spirit and great dream spirit. This great spirit is created and accumulated from generation to generation by the Chinese people, and needs to be passed down from generation to generation.  Kuang Wenfeng and his son are the practitioners of this spirit.

As president of the Youth Chamber of Commerce, he brings his own brilliance. He regularly organizes member enterprises to visit and study, leads small partners to study abroad every year, regularly discusses industry trends, shares industry information with young members, and organizes enterprises to participate in industry exhibitions. A member commented that he had laughter and laughter wherever he was. He has a positive energy magnetic field. When he talks with him, he will make us feel happy, upward and trustful.


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Three presidents of the Dali Year Chamber of Commerce took a group photo with the same platform (Left 1: Cao Zerong, Left 2: Li Zhuo'en, Left 3: Kuang Wenfeng)


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Dali young chamber of Commerce delegation visited Switzerland and France in September 4th to visit Coca Cola Co.


In fact, everyone's soul has blossomed in the depths of life, the difference is that most people after the grinding of life to let it fade, only a strong heart, will protect the light of life with the years. Throughout the ages, people who have done something not only inspire themselves, but also infect others.

Kuang Wenfeng is practicing himself better every moment, not pleasing, not climbing, and doing nothing. May the bright sunshine bring brilliant sunshine.