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Zhonglian Shutters Pursues Personalized Development
May 02, 2018

Zhonglian Shutters pursues personalized development

The aluminum louver we supply are made of high-quality aluminum alloy materials, which provide them with excellent shading, shielding, flexibility, deformation resistance, and UV resistance. Its leafy profile is smooth, delicate, and rich in color. Its material has excellent resilience and toughness. The shutters of aluminum alloy shutters can be controlled manually or through a motor to control their opening and closing angles. The light can be adjusted to a suitable light, which is extremely convenient, and the louver can realize the printing process. There are many kinds of divergent colors to make the pattern available. You are free to choose.


Aluminium Shutter Preparation Anchoring blocks embedded in concrete or bricks should be in accordance with the drawings, samples, and instructions for installation. The material tools to be transported should be coordinated and safely transported to the construction site. If the aluminum alloy shutters are connected to the stone face , should coordinate with the inlaying stone surface to ensure that the aluminum alloy blinds accessories are easy to install; when assembling at the manufacturer or the point of sale, it is necessary to adjust and match according to the results of on-site measurement, so that the adjustment and assembly can be reduced at the construction site. , Mechanical welding and on-site assembly processes. Aluminium blinds finished products can be assembled in the factory at the same size as the zuida, and shipped together.


Aluminum shutter prices which have? Do you want to buy a price aluminum shutter products? Welcome to choose us, our company is a professional and reliable manufacturer of aluminum alloy blinds, we provide a lot of aluminum alloy shutter prices. Let's talk about the technical requirements of aluminum alloy shutters.


The first is the material and properties of aluminum alloy shutters. If it is a high-quality aluminum alloy blinds, the used materials, strength, thickness, and oxide film are all in compliance with the relevant national standards. If there are high-quality aluminum shutters, their performance in ventilation, heat insulation, rainproof, dustproof, and adjusting light should be very reliable.

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