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Shining Electrophresis and Crystal electrophresis aluminium profiles

Electrophoresis aluminum profile is to put the anodized aluminium profile in water-soluble latex solution and let the DC current pass through the profile


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Electrophresis aluminium profiles is to put the anodized aluminium profile in water-soluble latex solution and let the DC current pass through the profile, a layer of paint protective film will generated on the surface of the aluminium profile to form the electrophoresis aluminum profiles.

The electrophoresis bath consists of acrylic resin, cosolvent and pure water. The electrophoresis process of aluminum profiles includes electrophoresis, electrolysis, electrodeposition, and electroosmosis. The characteristics of aluminum profile after electrophoretic painting; acid and alkali resistance, anti-pollution, delaying the aging of aluminum profiles, durable, bright and not easy to fade.

Advantages of high-grade electrophoresis aluminum profiles:

1, strong hardness film, impact resistance.

2, high film adhesion, not easy to fall off aging.

3, electrophresis aluminium profile has a stronger wear resistance, weather resistance and alkali resistance than anodized aluminium profiles.

4, electrophresis aluminium profiles are beautiful and have a mirror-like luster effect.

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Color Anti fading aluminum profile 

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Crystal electroshresis aluminum

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Wood grain shining aluminium profiles

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 Wood grain electrophresis aluminium profiles

Pailian Aluminium is focused on shining electrophresis and crystal electrophresis aluminium profiles, which is equipped with a professional factory. With the aid of experienced staff and advanced equipment, we can assure you the high quality, high precision and excellent design of our products. Come and get the cheap products made in China.

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