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powder coated extrusions aluminum Corrosion resistant for 10 years in door

Powder coated aluminum profile is to use the electrostatic coating principle, the dry powder adsorbed on the aluminum profile

powder coated aluminium profile is to use the electrostatic coating principle, the dry powder adsorbed on the aluminum profile, after more than 200 degree bake temperature, the powder solidified into a layer of more than 60 micron thick solid bright coating, the aluminum profiles are well decorated and protected by the paint. 


 Materials of the Powder coating finish: polyurethane, polyurethane resin and epoxy resin. 

 Powder coated aluminum profiles can be prepared in a variety of colors. Our powder coated aluminium profiles are coated with 30 microns or more thick paint film, our powder coated aluminum profiles has a good impact resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, weather resistance.

powder coating 8010

Process flow of powder coated aluminium profiles:


Aluminium Billets---Heating Up---Moulding with Raw Aluminium--- Chromation ---aluminium powder coating


Specification of powder coated aluminum profile:




Advantaged of our powder coated aluminium profiles:

 The followed list are the colors available in our company, meanwhile we can customize the colors based on customers samples.  

 There are no particles can stay in the air during the processing, which would allow our profile surface color to be smooth enough and without any particles on the surface. Actually this is a technical problem which can hardly be resolved by other factories. corrosion resistan aluminium extrusions is also our product advantage as comparing with other profiles with the same color in the market. 







The Advantage of Pailian Extruded Aluminum Profiles.
For manufacturers and fabricators offering high-quality, reliable and high performance building products, the Pailain advantages come standard.

  1. Residential,Commercial Housing.

  2. Thermal performance requirements.

  3. Structural performance requirements.

  4. Impact requirements.


Pailian Aluminium is focused on corrosion resistant powder coated building use aluminium extrusion profile, which is equipped with a professional factory. With the aid of experienced staff and advanced equipment, we can assure you the high quality, high precision powder coated extrusions products. Come and get the cheap products made in China. 


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