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Aluminum or stainless steel which is better for greenhouse?
Jan 07, 2018

The main material for the construction of the sun room is glass, which we all know. Because the greenhouse, also known as the glass house. In addition to glass as the main material. The framework is also very important. A glass house can not afford a house without a frame. About the green house frame material is varied. They are in the strength, wind pressure performance, decorative, airtight, watertight, etc. have different advantages, the following Xiaobian and we introduce stainless steel sun room and aluminum sunshine room difference.

Stainless steel green house: the aesthetic requirements of the improvement and the use of the convenience of the latter part of the need to maintain, in the steel structure based on the outer decorative aluminum alloy, to ensure strength and wind pressure on the basis of performance, appearance, color due to the use of aluminum And rich and colorful, aluminum can be sprayed with a variety of colors, can also be made of wood grain texture. Beautiful appearance of aluminum alloy easy to maintain, the price is moderate. The foundation of the sun room is a solid structural connection, and the stainless steel structure plays a major supporting role in the cavity, eliminating the need to worry about the strength of the aluminum alloy. Can be designed into a variety of shapes, this structure of the sun room has been generally welcomed, widely used.

Advantages of aluminum alloy green house: no rust, good insulation, easy to set up, diversified forms, orderly drainage; Disadvantages: Relatively high price, due to the strength of aluminum can not always be compared with the steel. Advantages of stainless steel sun room: stainless steel sun room for creative, size and shape without any restrictions; Disadvantages: poor insulation.

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aluminum green house frame profile

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