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how to calculate the times of one aluminum extrusion die and its the use of life limit
Jan 02, 2018

A good mold, in addition to ensuring the mold parts processing, but also must be done assembly work. If the assembly is not good, will make out in uneven punch gap, exacerbating mold wear, squeeze the same time, bad products. Aluminum extrusion die limit the number of times there is no specific standard, general refer to the following points:

1) the pros and cons of the mold steel used,

2) extrusion die design and mold manufacturing technology,

3) extrusion mold maintenance is in place,

4) aluminum extrusion production technology is there any guarantee,

5) Extrusion die management is appropriate.

If these five points are to enter the best condition, a pair of aluminum extrusion die can be used to millions of die above is no problem, the above 5 points not only related to the life of the mold, but also according to the order from 1 ) To 5) to go one by one in place.

Mold design from the mold engage in the number and life of life

(1) the overall mold inevitably there is concave fillet, when the fillet radius is less than 2 mm or deep narrow cavity fillet, or concave fillet machining left knife, are prone to stress concentration, and by This causes cracking.

(2) In the blank tolerance range in order to reduce the blank ejection force to reduce the blank to remain in the cavity time, the mold plus the appropriate gradient, such as bell-shaped shell product head diameter of the same size than the lower end of the terminal size of about 0.1 mm. Rod diameter of the same diameter at the end than the bottom of 0.4 mm or so. This reduces the mold ejection force, reducing the cavity surface of the cavity strain. Never allow the reverse slope, that is, the tip, otherwise it will reduce the quality of the blank to reduce the service life of the mold, and even cause stuffy material, resulting in mold damage.

(3) mold guide is also important, it can ensure the mold in the work of the relative accuracy of the position of the mold parts, to avoid uneven wear mold, a reliable guide structure to prevent punch and die bing each other and for the benefit , Small clearance of the mold is particularly important. Otherwise easy to produce partial load nibble caused by mold early failure.

(4) The use of reasonable convex, die gap, not only effectively improve product quality, the life of the mold also have a certain impact. The gap is too small will produce eating die, the gap is too large, not only affect the product coaxiality, but also due to partial load bending the punch, punch life.

(5) mold machining accuracy, determined by the final mold manufacturing process of a polishing process. Polishing quality is not only a direct impact on the life of the mold, but also the finished surface smooth, dimensional accuracy has an impact.

(6) reasonable assembly, commissioning and management

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