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How to improve the quality of aluminum extrusion die
Dec 28, 2017

With the increasing competition in the market of aluminum alloy profiles, many aluminum profile manufacturers have invested a great deal of energy in the procurement, use, maintenance and management of extrusion dies. This is a very good sign. But to improve the aluminum extrusion die have to start from the details of the mold, make statistical analysis of the mold and cost  management, in order to seize the initiative

In actual production, some of the mold can not reach the expected output when squeezed, even if less than 20 bars are squeezed or even scrapped less than two times on the machine, the molds made of expensive mold steel are far from.

To achieve its due benefits, this phenomenon in many domestic aluminum production companies are currently widespread, which not only caused a lot of economic losses, but also a waste of energy.

   How to solve this problem? How to improve the quality of aluminum extrusion machine?

First, the mold on the machine before the work must be polished with  polishing, work with the general requirements polished to the mirror. Flatness and vertical of the mold working belt should be inspected before assembly. Nitride quality to a certain extent, the quality of the work with a polished finish. Mold cavity must be cleaned with high-pressure gas and brush clean, no  dust or foreign matter impurities, or easily lead to the metal flow  pull the work zone, the extrusion out of the profile products appear  thick or scribe and other defects.

Second, the extrusion mold insulation time is generally about 2-3 hours, but  not more than 8 hours, or mold work with the nitride layer hardness will  lead to non-wear on the machine caused by the profile surface roughness, serious can cause Crossed and other defects.

Third, the correct use of alkaline washing (cooking mode) method. Mold unloading, then the mold temperature above 500 °C, if immediately immersed in alkali water, as alkaline water temperature is much lower  than the mold temperature, if the mold temperature dropped rapidly, the mold prone to cracking phenomenon. The correct method is to unload the mold after the mold placed in the air to 100 °-150 °C and then immersed in alkaline water.

Fourth, optimize the extrusion process. To extend the scientific life of the mold, the rational use of mold production is an aspect that can not be ignored. As the working conditions of extrusion die is extremely poor, must take reasonable measures in extrusion production to ensure the organization of the die.

Fifth, the use of pre-extrusion die mold must be reasonable surface nitriding process. Surface  nitriding treatment can make the mold under the premise of maintaining sufficient toughness greatly improve the mold surface hardness, in order to reduce the use of molds to produce heat wear. It should be noted that the surface nitriding is not completed once, during the service of the mold must be carried out 3-4 times repeated nitriding, the general requirements of nitriding layer thickness of 0.15mm or so.

Sixth, the use of mold from low to high and then to the use of low intensity. Mold just entered the service period, the internal organizational  performance of the metal is still in the floating stage, during which low-intensity operation program should be used to make the mold  transition to a stable period.

Seventh, to strengthen the mold in the extrusion process of production and maintenance records, improve the tracking of each set of mold files and management. Extrusion die acceptance from the factory to end the use of mold scrapped, the intermediate time is as short as a few months, up to more than a year. Basically, the use of mold records also record the profile of the production process.

Eighth, choose the right extrusion machine for production. Extrusion production before the full cross-section of the profile to be fully calculated according to the complexity of profile section, wall  thickness and extrusion coefficient λ to determine the size of the extruder tonnage.

Ninth, aluminum extrusion section section itself is ever-changing, and the development of aluminum extrusion industry today, aluminum has the advantages of light weight, good strength and so on, there are already many industries using aluminum instead of the original material. Due to the special profile of the special section of the die section due to the special section, design and production more difficult.

Tenth, a reasonable choice of billet and heating temperature. To strictly control the extrusion billet alloy composition. At present, the general business requirements ingot grain size up to a  standard to enhance plasticity and reduce the difference.

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