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Aluminium Extrusion Profile Advantages
Jan 25, 2018

Aluminium extrusion profile advantages


Aluminium extrusion profile advantages,why choose aluminum profile, there are some comments as following.

  1. The density of aluminum profiles is lower than other commonly used metal density, light weight; the density is only 2.70 g/cm3, 1/3 of copper or iron.

  2. Good ductility and elongation, which can be alloyed with many metal elements to produce light alloy material quality

  3. Hot and cold both treatment process, it has strong corrosion resistance

  4. Good casting properties

  5. Global aluminum has rich reserves and it has high aluminum content in the earth 

  6. Good performances for the surface treatment

  7. Strong deformability, good yielding ability, has the advantages for the production

  8. Small elastic coefficients, no spark in collision and friction, the best performance in automotive technology

  9. Stable chemical properties, non-magnetic, can be recycled and reused, it is a good and recyclable metal materials

  10. Good thermal properties and electrical conductivity, it is outstanding performance in the short-distance power transmission.

  11. No metallic pollution, no poison, no volatile metal in the surface oxide layer


Aluminium Extrusion Profile