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Mirror like Polished aluminium extrusion profiles

Aluminum alloy profiles are widely used to manufacture doors, windows, curtain walls, ceiling and other building materials.




Polished aluminium profile are widely used to manufacture showeroom, cabinte and other building materials. Ordinary aluminium profiles have a lot of bright streaks ( extruded aluminium profile mechanical lines ) on the surface, this is a common problem of normal aluminium extrusions

It is affecting the appearance of aluminum profiles

 Guangdong Zhonglian Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. Is equipped with highly advanced machings to produce non-mechanical polishing of brushed aluminum alloy profile to meet customer’s requirements.


alumimium showeroom profile 8005

Mirror like aluminium profiles Polished aluminium profiles 

polishing 8005

gold polishing tube

polishing gold 8001  

Pailian Aluminium is focused on mirror like polished and champagne stainless steel brushed aluminium extrusion profiles, which is equipped with a professional factory. With the aid of experienced staff and advanced equipment, we can assure you the high quality, high precision and excellent design of our products. Come and get the cheap products made in China.


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