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Aluminium extrusion for solar panel mounting frame

Why use aluminum alloy profile for sloar panel stent? What are the advantages of aluminum stent profile?



Why use aluminum alloy profile for sloar panel stent? What are the advantages of aluminum stent profile?

1.Light weight

  Aluminum density 2.7kg / dm³, Iron density of 7.9 kg / dm³

2.Resistance to natural corrosion

 When the Aluminum profiles placed in the air a layer of dense protective aluminum oxide film will generated on the surface, this protective layer can prevent the further oxidation of aluminum.

3.anti-galvanic corrosion

 When the steel frame is in contact with the aluminum frame, the galvanic corrosion of the aluminum frame is easy to occur, while the aluminum bracket avoids this  phenomenon.

4.Balanced voltage

Aluminum has excellent electrical conductivity, it can better conduct the photovoltaic support system for various reasons arising from the weak current.

solar aluminum profile 8002

5.easy to shape

It's easy to use different molds obtain different cross-sectional shape of aluminum profile through the extrusion process.

6.easy processing

Aluminum profiles can be easily machined to the required specifications by sawing, drilling, punching, folding, and the energy consumption of the process is much lower than that of steel.

solar aluminum profile 8003

7.Easy to recycle

Recycling of aluminum profile only takes up to 5% of its energy from aluminum ore to the profile.

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