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Fluorocarbon Coated Powder Coating And Wood Grain Aluminum Extrusion Profiles Weatherability, Chemical Resistance
Jul 21, 2017

In today's times, people's pursuit of the requirements of return to nature and advocating the trend of green constitute a new trend of decorative world. In this trend, driven by the production of aluminum surface decoration of the best representative - Fluorocarbon coated powder coating and wood grain aluminum extrusion profiles.

Imitation Fluorocarbon coated powder coating and wood grain aluminum extrusion profiles is the modern European popular building materials, imitation wood grain aluminum classic elegance, natural style has become a noble and fashionable representative of the product, but also its lifelike natural wood visual effects and three-dimensional wood feel touch effect became the most Leading the fashion trend of the pioneers, but also with wood grain effect instead of wood, more protection of our human survival of the green world to make new contributions.

Fluorocarbon coated powder coating and wood grain aluminum extrusion profiles has a high weather resistance, chemical resistance, acid corrosion resistance and wear resistance; at the same time with excellent to prevent deformation, mildew and peeling performance, life is not less than 10-15 years, through Korea Chemical Testing Institute of the test test, both indoor and outdoor materials are the best choice.

Imitation wood grain aluminum after the introduction of its wide range of applications, adaptability, by the market intimacy.

Aluminum, wood grain aluminum

Aluminum, aluminum rods are hot melt, squeeze, so as to get different cross-sectional shape of aluminum. Aluminum production process, including casting, extrusion and color of the three processes. Among them, the color mainly include: oxidation, electrophoresis coating, fluorocarbon spray, wood grain transfer process. Decorative profiles are mainly used for indoor and outdoor decoration. With a strong structure, reasonable, nice appearance, smooth and delicate color, never rust and other characteristics, comparable with the stainless steel decorative materials, is worthy of trust and use of the product.

Advantages of aluminum

1. The production process is simple: only design, cut off / drilling, the combination can be completed; and traditional materials usually through the design, cutting / drilling, welding, sandblasting / surface treatment, surface spraying and other complex processes.

2. Material can be reused: As the use of industrial aluminum parts in the production process without heat welding, so the parts can be easily removed, all materials and accessories can be reused; and traditional materials due to cutting deformation and high The amount of disassembly costs and other reasons the fact that very little reuse.

3. Save time: the production process is simple, can save a lot of working hours cost; especially in the production error due to rework, than the use of traditional materials can save several times the working hours.

4. The production of high precision: the production process has not experienced hot welding, material deformation, so the assembly of high precision; and the use of hot welding of traditional materials is inevitable to be deformed, thus affecting the final assembly accuracy.

5. The appearance of gorgeous: the use of industrial aluminum equipment, the appearance of more modern, its unique anodized coating than the existing variety of coating methods more firmly and stable.