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Industrial Aluminium Profile With High Strength, Light Weight
Aug 11, 2017

Industrial Aluminium Profile and conductive rod contact bad, the resistance will be greatly increased at the junction, the profile will be hot, the oxide film generated too fast and accompanied by burning phenomenon, and even the oxidation of the powder. At this time some of the oxide film turbidity, color yellowing, if the electrophoresis production will appear very obvious yellowing phenomenon. This yellowing phenomenon in the general case only a few rows, and are basically appear in the end of the profile. Therefore, we must take measures to ensure that Industrial Aluminium Profile and conductive rods in good contact.

Industrial Aluminium Profile production and processing, the hardness of how to control is the key, slightly unqualified, will give users trouble, then how to solve the Industrial Aluminium Profile hardness is too low?

1, aluminum aging furnace temperature setting and control: Usually, the aging furnace temperature and aging furnace surface temperature there is a certain error, set the table temperature according to the actual temperature of the furnace to be set, the Chinese renewable copper technology and Market and pay close attention to the aging furnace temperature fluctuations.

2, aluminum aging insulation: to strictly in accordance with the requirements of the process to time, the insulation time to be appropriate to prevent the aging or overtime caused by the hardness is not enough.

3, aluminum extrusion frame can not be too dense, between the material and the material should be separated, in particular, is not ventilation of the small material, thick material interval is even greater, pipe material and small material, sheet material together when a box , Pipe material placed below this is conducive to the regular cycle of air supply.

4, aluminum furnaces installed before the 6xxx other special alloy and ordinary 6063 alloy separately installed furnace aging, due to the reasons for the production is indeed the same furnace aging, to take a special alloy process to aging.

Extrusion produced by the aluminum, without aging before the hardness is low, can not be used as a finished product, therefore, in general, must be aging to improve the strength. Usually, aging can be divided into natural aging and artificial aging two, the current 6xxx aluminum production is basically the latter or mainly.

First, the Industrial Aluminium Profile in the extrusion process, such as extrusion die is not very good or die extrusion Industrial Aluminium Profile too much, Industrial Aluminium Profile appearance will be squeezed marks, hand may touch the appearance of Industrial Aluminium Profile uneven, in order to So that the appearance of Industrial Aluminium Profile smooth and smooth, not touching indentation marks, Industrial Aluminium Profile plant in general first with alkaline water erosion, erosion out squeeze marks.

Second, the Industrial Aluminium Profile as a member of the outer envelope requirements of good sealing, the current powder electrostatic spraying has become a domestic Industrial Aluminium Profile exterior coating in the popular. In particular, the glass industry, the opening of its aluminum sector area should not be greater than the curtain wall area of 15%: and open the department should be used on the suspension structure, opening angle should not be greater than 45 degrees.

Third, the Industrial Aluminium Profile powder coating with thermal transfer technology will make it more fashionable, so that the powder coating of the profile device has a greater room for development.

Fourth, the aluminum alloy with high strength, light weight, not strong, strong resistance to erosion, good plasticity, deformation is small, non-polluting, non-toxic, fire strong, long life (up to 50-100 years) Good recovery, can be re-furnace re-refining. China's Industrial Aluminium Profile industry is known as the sun industry, after nearly 50 years of development, production is already the highest in the world. Sandblasting technology is a common method of Industrial Aluminium Profile surface disposal in recent years, with a special sand high-speed jet wear off the appearance of Industrial Aluminium Profile extrusion marks.