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How To Carry Out The Inspection Of Energy Conservation Of Aluminum Glass Curtain Wall?
May 15, 2018

In modern cities, many large buildings use aluminum glass curtain walls as the external protective structure of the building. Compared to the heavy single solid walls, aluminum glass curtain walls are subject to the advantages of light weight, overall effect, various colors, and fashion trends. The popularity of the majority of users, the energy-saving detection of glass walls has also been put on the agenda. In order to ensure the overall quality of the aluminum curtain wall, testing must be fair and just. How to divide the inspection lot to ensure the quality of the aluminium curtain wall? Here's a brief introduction for everyone:

1. For the discontinuous aluminum curtain wall project of the same unit project, an inspection lot should be divided separately.

2. The aluminum glass curtain wall with the same design, craftsmanship and construction conditions should be an inspection lot every 500-1000 square meters, and less than 500 square meters should be divided into one inspection lot. Each inspection lot shall be randomly sampled at least one place per 100 square meters, and each place shall not be less than 10 square meters.

3. For irregularly shaped or some special aluminium glass curtain walls, the division of inspection lot and inspection quantity of each inspection lot shall be based on the structure of the aluminum curtain wall, process characteristics and the scale of the aluminum curtain wall project, and then the supervision unit, construction unit and construction unit. Negotiate and confirm.

The aluminium glass curtain wall often needs to pass the “triple test” when it is inspected. If necessary, the in-plane deformation performance and other performance tests are also required. Only when the inspection is performed by a regular engineering quality inspection organization can the quality of the aluminum curtain wall engineering be guaranteed.