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The Production Of Aluminum Profiles
May 24, 2018

On the one hand, the quality of aluminum profiles comes from the level of aluminum contained in its own raw materials. On the other hand, it comes from the technical control in its production process. However, no matter what aluminum profile, it must pay attention to an aging process, that is, every process in the production process. There is a time-sensitive control in all aspects.

Aging process in aluminum production process:

1、Ordinary aluminum curtain wall profiles, ordinary aluminum door and window profiles, aluminum industrial profiles, must be in the same ageing furnace aging, furnace temperature control in the 195 °C ± 5 °C range, reach the temperature after 3 hours of heat release, immediately after opening the fan blow 20 minutes Cooling, quality inspectors check the hardness.

2. The heat insulation aluminum curtain wall profile and heat insulation door and aluminum window profile must be in the same ageing furnace. The furnace temperature is controlled within 180°C±3°C. After the temperature is reached, the heat is kept for 3 hours. After the oven is blown, the blower blows for 20 minutes immediately. Quality inspectors check the hardness.

3, if the aging insulation profile is not full, you can put 1 ~ 2 frame ordinary profiles (wall thickness below 2.0mm) with the furnace aging, aging process according to the insulation profile process.

4. When the material is loaded into the furnace, the end of the profile and the air inlet are controlled within 80-100mm.

5. When the furnace temperature reaches the required process temperature, the aging worker measures the actual temperature in the furnace with a glass tube temperature meter every 30 minutes, and prepares the original record.

Only strict control of each timeline as above can guarantee the performance and quality of aluminum products shipped from the factory.