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Industrial Aluminium Profile Light And High Rigidity, Simple And Beautiful
Nov 02, 2017

Industrial Aluminium Profile, as the name suggests is a kind of aluminum as the main raw material of the alloy material, the added metal is different, the number of different performance and application will be different, we buy Industrial Aluminium Profile, we must pay attention to at this point. So, what are the characteristics of Industrial Aluminium Profile profiles? Here we will come together to understand the next bar。

1, the use of Industrial Aluminium Profile range: its unique decorative, excellent sound insulation, insulation and recyclability is widely used in the construction field, but by virtue of its one extrusion and high mechanical and physical properties, good Thermal conductivity and high specific strength; suitable for machine frame, bracket, door, industrial automation equipment, factory and office workstations, shelves, containers, ladders and so on.

2, Industrial Aluminium Profile construction convenience: a modular and multi-functional, without the need for complex design and processing, you can quickly build an ideal mechanical equipment coat.

3, Industrial Aluminium Profile modeling beautiful and practical: light and high rigidity, simple and beautiful appearance without paint.

4, Industrial Aluminium Profile Extensibility: a unique T-shaped, groove design, the installation of components without the need to remove the profile, you can install nut bolts in any position, modified equipment is simple and quick.

  From the application point of view, industrial Industrial Aluminium Profile manufacturers analysis, the construction industry is still the main field of Industrial Aluminium Profile applications, far more than other areas of consumption, consumption increased year by year, in 2009 its total consumption accounted for 63% The By region, North America, Europe and other developed areas of Industrial Aluminium Profile in the industrial sector, the average proportion of consumption has more than 50%, while China's Industrial Aluminium Profile production in the industrial sector is only about 30%, the proportion of industrial consumption is relatively low.

Industrial Aluminium Profile production and processing, the hardness of how to control is the key, slightly unqualified, it will give users trouble, now share the following methods, welcome to exchange learning!

1, aluminum extrusion frame can not be too close, between the material and the material should be separated, in particular, is not ventilation of the small material, thick material interval is greater, pipe material and small material, sheet material together when a box , Pipe material to put the following is conducive to the regular cycle of air supply.

2, the temperature of the set and control: Usually, the temperature and the surface temperature there is a certain error, set the table temperature according to the actual temperature of the furnace to set, and pay close attention to the temperature fluctuations.

3, aluminum aging insulation: to strictly in accordance with the requirements of the process to the aging time to appropriate, to prevent the aging or overtime caused by the hardness is not enough.

4, aluminum furnaces installed before the 6xxx other special alloy and ordinary 6063 alloy separate furnace aging, due to the reasons for the production is indeed the same furnace aging, to take a special alloy process to aging.