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Aluminum CNC Machining Improve Product Quality And Service Life
Nov 02, 2017

Aluminum CNC Machining molding mold manufacturing, but also determine its quality and service life of one of the key factors. As the Aluminum CNC Machining die has a series of characteristics, so the aluminum mold mold technology requires a high demand:

(1) As the aluminum alloy extrusion die working conditions are very poor, in the extrusion process need to withstand high temperature, high pressure, high friction effect, therefore, requires the use of high strength heat-resistant alloy steel, and these steel smelting, casting, Forging, heat treatment, electrical processing, machining and surface treatment processes are very complex, which brings a series of mold processing difficulties.

(2) In order to improve the service life of the Aluminum CNC Machining die and ensure the surface quality of the product, the roughness of the mold working belt is 0.8-0.4μm and the roughness of the mold plane is below 1.6μm. Need to take a special polishing process and polishing equipment.

(3) due to extrusion products to the high, refined, sharp direction, and some profiles and pipe wall thickness requirements down to 0.5mm or so, the extruded aluminum products require a tolerance of ± 0.05mm, in order to squeeze this ultra-high Precision products, require mold manufacturing accuracy of 0.01mm, the use of traditional technology is simply can not be manufactured, therefore, require the upgrading of technology and the use of new special equipment. For example: CNC lathes, CNC machining centers and walking wire processing, and other advanced high-precision processing equipment.

(4) aluminum profile is very complex,Aluminum CNC Machining especially ultra-high precision thin-walled hollow aluminum and porous hollow siding aluminum, requiring the use of special extrusion die structure, often in a mold at the same time open a number of profiled holes , The thickness of the cross-section changes rapidly, the size of the complex, round a lot of corners, which mold processing and heat treatment has brought a lot of trouble.

(5) Extrusion processing products of aluminum products are numerous and small in number, the number of mold changes is frequent and the adaptability of molds is required. Therefore, it is required to increase the production efficiency of mold making, to shorten the molding cycle, Procedures, can be accurate according to the drawings processing of qualified mold, the modest work to reduce the minimum level.

(6) As the Aluminum CNC Machining products are widely used in a wide range of specifications range is very broad, therefore, light to a few kilograms, the size of 100mm × 25mm small mold, there are weighing more than 2000kg, the size of 1800mm × 450mm large mold. There are light to a few kilograms, the size of 65mmx800mm small extrusion shaft, there are weighing more than 100t, dimensions 2500mmx2600mm large extrusion cylinder. Mold specifications and quality of the huge differences require a completely different manufacturing methods and procedures, using a completely different processing equipment.

(7) Extrusion die a wide range of complex structure,Aluminum CNC Machining assembly accuracy requirements are high, in addition to requiring special processing methods and the use of special equipment, the need to use special tooling fixtures and knives and special heat treatment methods.

(8) In order to improve the quality and service life of the mold, in addition to the choice of reasonable materials and optimize the design, still need to use the best heat treatment process and surface strengthening process to obtain moderate mold hardness and high surface quality,Aluminum CNC Machining which for Shape is particularly complex difficult to squeeze products and special structure of the mold is particularly important.